Niche expertise and specialized skills combined with the synergy and financial stability of the Electra Group give us full independence, especially in the field of mega projects, where others have to rely on subcontractors or complicated partnerships.

We are able to take full responsibility for every aspect of even the most demanding infrastructure challenges. The infrastructure sector is a national priority, with the Israeli government spending more than NIS 30 billion on such projects every year. Thanks to its ability to carry out large, complex infrastructure projects, to meticulously manage every aspect, and to provide flexibility and stability, Electra Infrastructure has established itself as the leading infrastructure company in Israel. 



Formerly Hofrey Hasharon, Electra Infrastructure leverages three decades of experience, innovation, and expertise with every project. Uncompromising quality, in-depth market knowledge and a combination of complementary abilities in a variety of sectors have led to the development of productive long-term working relationships with government agencies and large public corporations throughout Israel. This comprehensive expertise has made us the preferred choice to implement the most complex projects in the industry.

At Electra Infrastructure, our clients receive an extensive range of synergistic solutions for complex projects that require multifaceted integration and comprehensive logistical capabilities. At our disposal are engineering design teams and a wide variety of specialists with numerous years of experience, sophisticated heavy engineering equipment for infrastructure and tunneling work, experienced senior management, and skilled operators. Our own fleet of heavy equipment, experienced operators, in-house purchasing capabilities, and advanced technology allow us to complete each project smoothly, on time, and within budget.

We are certified as an unlimited contractor in all core fields and hold the required contractor licenses for performing government work in Israel. Electra Infrastructure adheres to the highest international quality and safety standards.

Electra Infrastructure's ongoing pursuit of excellence and constant innovation have led us to partner with leading international concerns. The company is proud to be the representative of the German company Max Bögl. This industry leader is active in civil engineering, construction, infrastructure, tunneling, and pipe jacking. In partnership with Max Bögl, we have established Israel's only slab track manufacturing plant for high-speed rail lines.