Additional Projects

  • Beit Yehoshua: Grade separation - bridging, retaining walls, paving and earthworks to create a grade separation between Route 553 and the railway line. Financial Scope - NIS 65 million. Client - National Roads Company.
  • Hodaya House: A 5,300 square meters office building in the Kadima Industrial Park. Electra Infrastructure's offices are located in this project.
  • Railway Bridge to Modiin - Section G - Construction of a railway line to Modiin with railway bridges approx. 540 meters long, including earthworks, paving, stabilization and support. Financial Scope - NIS 120 million. Client - Israel Railways.
  • Moshe Dayan Interchange - Rabin Bridge: Construction of an underground passage, slurry works and retaining walls. Financial Scope - NIS 120 million. Client - Ayalon Highways.
  • Dalia Tunnels: Construction of two tunnels using the cut & cover method, with a total length of approx. 500 meters along the route of Highway 6. Financial Scope - NIS 25 million. Client - Derech Eretz.
  • Nili Tunnels: Construction of two NATM transport tunnels with a total length of 1,500 meters along the route of Highway 6. Financial Scope - Approx. NIS 50 million. Client - Derech Eretz.
  • Anava Tunnels: Excavating 2 train tunnels using NATM method on the Modiin railway line, alongside Highway 1. Financial Scope - NIS 70 million. Client - Israel Railways.
  • Pumping Station on the Railway Line between Moshe Dayan Interchange and Rabin Bridge: Construction of a pumping station for draining rainwater. The station structure is made of concrete and includes: a round water tank with a diameter of approx. 21m and a depth of 15m below ground level. The walls are formed using a slurry method. Financial Scope - NIS 97 million.