AY Ayalon Collection Line – Southern Section

  • לקוח:
    Dan Regional Association for Environmental Infrastructure (Igudan)
  • תקופה:
  • תקציב:
    NIS 150 million
  • Project Description:

    Project Description: A unit price project of NIS 150 million, including pipe jacking for 4,100 meters, at a varying depth of up to 36 meters along the Ayalon Highway, which is used by hundreds of thousands of vehicles daily at the southern entrance to Tel Aviv. The work was carried out in partnership with Wuwa Bau, a subsidiary of the German company Max Bögl.

    Project Includes:

    • Construction and pile foundation work using the secant pile method and bonding works for 8 pipe jacking shafts
    • Installing control cells with a diameter of 10 meters at varying depths, up to 36 meters in each of the shafts.
    • Construction of a 4,100 meter sewage tunnel with an internal diameter of 1,600mm, carried out through pipe jacking.
    • Installation of a 1,000mm polyethylene pipe for 100 meters, at a depth of 8 meters, using a horizontal drilling method.
    • Installation of a 400mm polyethylene pipe for 211 meters, at a depth of 8 meters, using an open excavation method.
    • Connecting the old line to the new line using GRP piping.

    The project was performed in groundwater and in a dense urban environment along the Ayalon Highway, the busiest highway in Israel.