HaEmek Track, Section 2

  • Client:
    Netivei Israel – National Transport Infrastructure Company
  • Architect:
    Izhak Stern Y.D.E. Engineers and Tedem
  • Period:
  • Budget:
    NIS 250 million
  • Project Description:

     A design-build project with a scope of approx. NIS 250 million for the construction of a 4km stretch of railway between the Adashim stream and Merhavia, including electrical and communications infrastructure. The project is part of a national plan for the construction of a 31km railway line from Haifa to Beit Shean, including several train stations.

    Project Includes:

    • Laying railway infrastructure for a distance of 4km. 
    • Construction of bridges for a single track rail line with a total length of 800 meters.
    • Construction of three tunnels with a total length of approx. 900 meters using the cut & cover method.
    • Construction of ventilation and evacuation structures.
    • Construction of open ditches and retaining walls for approx. 800 meters.
    • Construction of railway embankments with a height of 3-9 meters.
    • Installation of electrical, water, fire extinguishing and communications infrastructure along the route.
    • Construction of new road sections and expansion of existing roads near the railway.
    • Landscape restoration and development work.
    • Re-location of existing infrastructures.