• Client:
    Dan Regional Association for Environmental Infrastructure (Igudan)
  • Architect:
    Y. Lebel, EET
  • Established:
  • Budget:
    NIS 55 million
  • Project Description:

    Project Description: A project with a scope of approx. NIS 55 million for the construction of a major sewage line stretching some 8.5 kilometers. The line channels sewage from the Rosh HaAyin and Petah Tikva area, and transfers it to the Igudan wastewater treatment plant.

    Project Includes:

    • Groundwater pumping and treatment.
    • Installing a 3.5-kilometer prefab sealed concrete drainage pipe with a diameter of 1,500mm, followed by installing a 5-kilometer prefab sealed concrete pipe with a diameter of 1,250mm.
    • Pipe jacking to cross Highways 40 and 483, as well as the main entrance road to Kfar Sirkin.
    • Planning the formation of a special siphon using GRP pipes.

    The pipes were laid at depths ranging from 12 meters to 4 meters underground in a densely-populated residential area with groundwater. The existing communications and electrical infrastructures were strictly preserved, in close coordination with the relevant authorities. The project was carried out using special "Slider Slips" support equipment, which allows pipes to be laid at depths of up to 12 meters.